Daily Archives: May 18, 2023

Odds and Ends for May 18, 2023

I actually have two different, completely unrelated, longer pieces I’m currently working on for the blog. Ideally, I would spend this time working on either of them, and I will do so later this evening. However, there are also a few odds and ends I would like to post about. So, without further ado:

  • I still cannot overstate in any fashion how “meh” I feel about my choices of hangout for the times I want to have a drink or two outside the house, reading a book and/or pounding away on my laptop for blogging purposes. I’m currently giving another chance to The Ashburn Bungalow Alehouse, which was the runner-up when I made my decision about where I should spend these interludes, and it is actually making me wish I was currently at my first choice, Finnegan’s, which is actually damning with faint praise.
  • One of the two posts currently underway involves my collection of denim jackets. I bring this only because I am in the process of adding another and decorating yet another one. This one is purple, and the array of pins and patches I’ve ordered from Etsy and other online vendors have already started arriving. It’s yet another reason I wish I could go back in time and simply tell my teenage self that all the angst, anxiety, and depression will be far more than amply compensated for in the middle-aged years.
  • While pounding this all out on the keyboard, I’m actively restraining myself from closing up the laptop, asking for the check, and returning home as quickly as possible. Shortly after arriving here, I received an email stating that my other new clothing purchase has been delivered at the house. I’m never worn this article of clothing before, but now that it’s been quite some time since I reached that stage of my life when there are less than zero fucks left to give, I’m absolutely ready to try it now. More on this soon.
  • Yesterday, I shared this particular Twitter thread to Facebook. I had actually shared it previously, but someone else that I follow on Facebook had reshared it and brought it back to my attention. It’s frequently been rolling around in my head since seeing it again, and it’s made me even happier that I decided to try out a piece of clothing I’ve never worn before. It’s also made me think again about the fact that as a non-normative but otherwise absolutely hetero cis male I absolutely feel a kind of kinship with the LGTBQ+ community.

I think I’ll wrap it up there for now. The last song I selected for to the jukebox is playing now, and I really want to get home to try out my new piece of clothing.