2017 Stuff Read, #s 13-20

As I stated earlier today, maintaining a proper reading pace was one of many casualties in 2017. The final tally for the year dropped far below the average pace for the previous few years, and if not for knocking out the Scalzi novel in the few days following Christmas it actually would've tied 2013 for … Continue reading 2017 Stuff Read, #s 13-20


2017 Stuff Read, #s 1-12

I've been woefully neglectful regarding this, if you'll excuse the pun, bookkeeping. Typically, I like to say a little something about each item I've read or listened to, but since this is literally my whole list for the year so far, there's just too much -- even though the pace itself is nearly as pathetic … Continue reading 2017 Stuff Read, #s 1-12