2018-01-10 Weekly Weigh-In

Loss since last weigh-in: 2.8 lb
2018 Cumulative loss: 2.8 lb
Pounds from goal: 27.8 lb

Under normal circumstances, this week’s weigh-in would be disappointing. The first week of effort after an extended layoff typically results in a loss somewhere in the neighborhood of five pounds. However, this past week was not typical. In response to a record-breaking cold snap, I didn’t leave the house for three full days. Until this morning, the made to the gym only once, and that was to shower there because the water meter froze, which stopped water from going into our house. Thankfully, we still have TeenLitGirl’s old treadmill in the house. So, I did manage to exercise — just not at the levels I would’ve preferred.

Outside of that, I stuck to plan. Hopefully, this week will see a return to proper gym visits and will compensate for last week’s lower than typical number.

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