Weekly Weigh-In, Week #22

(Numbers are from yesterday, as Tuesday is my normal weigh-in day each week.)

Loss since last post (5/16): 1.0 lb
2017 Cumulative loss: 24.2 lb
Pounds from goal: -0.8 lb

Well, it took three weeks, but I finally made it — officially. Actually, a couple days after the last WWI post, I made my goal, and Sally made the argument that I shouldn’t have to wait for the next regular weigh-in before declaring victory. I certainly appreciated the merits to the argument, but given how much my weight can fluctuate over the course of just a few days, I decided that I wanted to be at my goal on my usual weigh-in day to make it official. Later that same day, I went on a three-day bender of eating whatever I wanted and avoiding anything that remotely resembled real exercise.

It took me over two weeks to recover from that lapse in sticking to my proper exercise and eating habits/routines.

The point is that I finally made it, and I can now move into maintenance mode. In an unintentional fashion, the past three weeks have served as a kind of preparation for it. In addition to the three-day bender, I also experienced two other off-diet days where my caloric intake was much higher than typical for the past five months. It does give me a sense of how much more I can eat, provided I continue with my exercise routine from since starting this particular round of weight loss. However, moving forward I intend to increase my calories in a more evenly distributed fashion.

These posts will continue under a new name, yet to be decided.

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