New Home

In response to LiveJournal’s draconian new terms and conditions, The Talking Moose is no longer calling The Moose Pit home. The old site will remain online, but solely for archival purposes only. Hopefully, a new site means more frequent posting, but this is by no means a promise or guarantee.

2 thoughts on “New Home

  1. Canyonwalker

    Did you consider DreamWidth as an alternative to LJ? A lot of people have fled from LJ to DW over the years as LJ’s policies have deteriorated. I’m considering it as my next home but I’m curious about WP and why you chose it.


    1. Matthew Appleton Post author

      I actually have a Dreamwidth account that I setup years ago because of some near-crippling troubles LJ suffered from at the time. I even mirrored all the old LJ content, and for a while I made sure all new material was properly cross-posted. However, I fell out of that habit, in part because of less frequent posting.

      So, when I decided last week it was time to leave LJ, I decided to make a proper clean break rather than attempt to make sure that everything on my Dreamwidth and LJ accounts was properly synced.

      I made the decision to migrate over to WordPress mostly because of the various specialty sites I already have over here. I’m comfortable with the platform — for me, the customization options are more powerful and intuitive — and I’m hoping that the fact that I’m actively posting to one of those sites means I’m more likely to post to this particular site as well.



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