Weekly Weigh-In, Week #19

Loss since last week: 1.6 lb
2017 Cumulative loss: 23.2 lb
Pounds from goal: 0.2 lb

I could just go ahead and claim victory, but that’s the equivalent of starting a marathon and then giving up 400 yards from the finish line because you’re close enough. Sally suggested I could just weigh myself each morning the next couple days, stick to plan, and then claim victory the day my goal weight is met. However, there’s a reason I stick to weekly weigh-ins on a particular day and time, and even though I made the rules, I’m not going to break them.

So, barring a complete loss of sense of reason, I will make my goal next week. I could conceivably even begin slowly increasing the caloric intake by the end of this week, but for my own peace of mind I think I’ll stick to the plan until the next weigh-in. Besides, making the goal with a some extra room to spare will only be a plus as I move into the maintenance phase.

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