2018-01-31 Weekly Weigh-In

Change since last weigh-in: -2.6 lb 2018 Cumulative loss: 3.0 lb Pounds from goal:  27.6 Well, it's basically back to where I was three weeks ago. Although this is clearly a step in the right direction, any real excitement about my progress won't begin until there's been consistent progress for a number of weeks in … Continue reading 2018-01-31 Weekly Weigh-In


2018-01-24 Weekly Weigh-In

Gain since last weigh-in (two weeks): 2.4 lb 2018 Cumulative loss: 0.4 lb Pounds from goal: 30.2 lb (numbers are from yesterday, I just didn't get off my lazy ass to write the post until today) Yeah, I failed miserably over the past couple weeks. However, in an odd way the looming threat of this … Continue reading 2018-01-24 Weekly Weigh-In

“Oh, alcohol, would you please forgive me…”

[cross-posted, and slightly reformatted, from Facebook] A few thoughts that occurred as this evening unfolded: I'm looking forward to the time when Drunk History does an episode on the Trump administration -- provided America survives his Presidency. Alcohol is the great enabler -- it lowers my inhibitions enough to allow me to raid the stash … Continue reading “Oh, alcohol, would you please forgive me…”